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Turn Your Self-Care Routine Into a Kongolese Vacation

Turn Your Self-Care Routine Into a Kongolese Vacation Have you ever wished you could tap into the secret, ancient knowledge of ourAncestors?Especially their beauty routines? Back then, beauty was so much simpler: no chemicals, no long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce; instead only nourishing, earth-derived potions. And their skin, hair and overall wellness thrived because of it. If you’ve ever wondered, how can I get back to that? You no longer have to, thanks to Libiki Shop.We craft luxurious, handmade, cruelty-free and fair-trade products with ingredients from the motherland, made with love and ancient Kongo beauty knowledge that’s been passed down through the generations so you can bask in the glory of self-care – it feels good, it does good and it is good for you inside (and out). So, uncover your most radiant, glowing skin ever with lush, creamy butters and fresh soaps made from nature all while you turn your skincare routine into an ancient beauty ritual with our Bulukutu “miracle” tea. SHOP Click [SHOP] to browse the selection, voyage to the lush forests of Kongo (without taking a trip) and tap into the ancient beauty secrets of the motherland at the Libiki Shop. Français



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