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Our Story

by LIBIKI Admin |

It all started in the spirit of compassion, wanting to help a young girl from my mentorship organization Kids on the Mission to Excel (KME) fight bad Eczema skin irritation, and regain her confidence.

For two weeks as we sat in a group, a rectangle table full of crayons, fabric, papers, doing crafts for a self-love workshop. I noticed how the young girl was constantly scratching and hiding her irritated hand under the table. I knew I had to do something. So, I teamed up with my partner Kamambuko and started researching natural ingredients for skincare from the global. Our first batch of Nkuto Butter was a success.

My student, friends and family skin were transformed and Libiki(means healing in Lingala) was born. Our mission is to create unique and high quality skincare and wellness, products with natural ingredients to enhance natural beauty and strong self-esteem, while respecting nature and supporting community fair trade. 10% of Nkuto Butter profit goes to KME initiatives.

Yaya Boma-Bibi





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