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Our Story

by LIBIKI Admin |

Yenge (meaning Peace in Lingala) !

I’m Yaya Boma-Bibi, Co-founder and CEO of Libiki. 

My journey to start this brand has been nothing less than fulfilling. It began with me wanting to help a young woman in my mentorship program (Kids on the Mission to Excel) feel confident about her skin. Little did I know, I was actually beginning my own journey of finding and creating a brand that brings you unique, customized products, that makes you feel and look confident with your skin. 

My search to find healing, natural ingredients led me to The Motherland, more specifically, my homeland, The Kongo, which has ingredients that are very specific to the land. These natural, yet powerful ingredients not only have a healing effect, their very existence  is rooted in our ancestral power to naturally heal our skin. I realized that  the beauty of the Kongo transfers to the beauty of our skin. And so, LIBIKI was born. 

Libiki, which means healing in Lingala, was designed to give you products that are just as unique as you are. From the start, our mission has been to create unique and high quality skincare and wellness products with natural ingredients to enhance natural beauty and strong self-esteem, while respecting nature and supporting community fair trade. When you purchase with us, you support a bigger mission. We are proud to say that 10% of Nkuto Butter profit goes to Kids on The Mission to Excel (KME) initiatives.

To My husband and partner Kamambuko Vianga, who has supported me every step of the way. He is the face behind the brand. His ability to hand make every product we deliver to you is the extra touch Libiki strives to continue to bring you. My partner in all things! 

Matondo, meaning Thank you, 

Yaya  Boma-Bibi



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