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by LIBIKI Admin •

Give your body a boost with a delicious cup of tea!

Yenge (peace)! We all have our favorite drink that gets us going in the mornings. Yours might be coffee or tea and for some, it might be a smoothie. Listen, we’re here for whatever gets you going! But how many steps does it take you to prepare? And how many ingredients go into your “morning boost?” You see, trendy health routines can be complex and time-consuming, asking us to make elaborate “detox” drinks or spend wild amounts of time and money on the latest superfood concoctions. Now, you know we don’t have time for that! But what if we told you’s possible  to give your body a boost with a simple, delicious drink you can brew in minutes?   Meet Bulukutu Tea!   This time-honored, caffeine-free African herbal tea is locally known as “the miracle tea” for good reason! First, the leaves are handpicked in the Kongo savanna, then carefully dried in the sun. And when you steep it in hot water, it transforms into a deliciously sippable tea with numerous benefits. Bulukutu tea can ... ● Improve your mood ● Reduce the severity of menstrual cramps ● Aid healthy digestion ● Support your immune system as an antioxidant ● Ease cold and flu symptoms ● Soothe colic ● Lower high blood pressure ● Help control appetite Plus, it tastes great and offers a calming, pleasant aroma! Ready to simplify your health routine? Get your Bulukutu tea today =>>[ You Can Feel Relax & Nourish Your Body with Bulukutu Tea - Loose Leaf – LIBIKI SHOP] Thank you 



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